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How to Keep Raccoons from Becoming a Nuisance

They’re cute, they’re striped, and they find your trash delicious. As Connecticut residents know, raccoons in the garbage can are almost as inevitable as leaves changing colors in the fall. Sometimes, however, the raccoons don’t only “dine in” at your home…they live in, too. So how do you put out the “no welcome” mat for…

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Do I Have Flying Squirrels in My Attic?

What’s the difference between flying squirrels and bats? While they’re very different from a biology standpoint, to a homeowner, they can sound much the same. They both live quite high up, can fly (or glide from tree branches, in the case of flying squirrels) and tend to choose roofs and attics for nesting since neither…

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Help! I’ve Got Birds in My Dryer Vent!

Birds, like all of us, look to make their homes in warm comfortable places, particularly when raising their young. Unfortunately, one of the spots that seems most suitable to them is our dryer vents: they’re warm, they’re dry, they protect from predators and they even provide bits of fluff for nesting materials. Unfortunately, they’re narrow,…

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